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Broad Street line

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The Broad Street line started operation on September 1, 1928. Today, SEPTA's Broad Street. subway system is served by a fleet of 48 double end and 76 single end non married cars. These cars have hard plastic orange and tan seats. These cars were retrofitted with a GPS announcement system device. These operate in 5 car trains on locals and some express runs and in 2 car trains on Ridge Spur and some express runs.



666 at Fern Rock Yard,
September 25, 2010

Taken by Brandon S
Tritransit Recorde



537 at Fern Rock Station 
Taken by Adam Moreira

Tritransit Recorder


 558 is the only car resting on a bent track in all of Fern Rock Car yard during the strike. TRANSIT_FREAK100*




An Interior view of 551.
Philly Transport



Broad Ridge Spur at Fern Rock,
August 12, 2005

Taken by Brandon S.
Tritransit Recorder



553 At Fern Rock shops.
Photo Daryl Jackson

Philly Transport



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Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
1981 Kawasaki BIV S/E #501
1981 Kawasaki BIV D/E #651
1982 Kawasaki BIV S/E #502-576
1983 Kawasaki BIV D/E #652-699 (1)


(1) #666 was used as a work car since delivered in 1982;however, recently has been put into revenue service.
(*)1982 Kawasaki BIV D/E # and CW-3 and CW-4 are Work cars

Station Listing - Main Line

Station Opening Date Local Express Ridge Sports Accessible Notes
Fern Rock Transportation Center 1956  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Olney Transportation Center 1928 Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Logan 1928 Yes
Wyoming 1928 Yes
Hunting Park 1928 Yes          
Erie 1928 Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Allegheny 1928 Yes       Yes  
North Philadelphia 1928 Yes   Yes   Yes  
Susquehanna-Dauphin 1928 Yes          
Cecil B. Moore 1928 Yes       Yes Formally Columbia
Girard 1928 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Faimount 1928 Yes          
Spring Garden 1928 Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Race-Vine 1928 Yes Yes   Yes    
City Hall 1928 Yes Yes   Yes    
Walnut-Locust 1930 Yes  Yes   Yes Yes  
Lombard South 1930 Yes          
Ellsworth-Federal 1938 Yes           
Tasker-Morris 1938 Yes          
Snyder 1938 Yes          
Oregon 1973 Yes        Yes  
AT&T 1973 Yes     Yes Yes Formally Pattison

Station Listing - Ridge Spur

Station Opening Local Express Ridge Sports Accessible Notes
Fairmount 1932     Yes      
Spring Garden 1932           Closed 1991
Chinatown 1932     Yes      
8th Street 1969     Yes   Yes Replaced Station now used by PATCO
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