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Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)

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The Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) operates in Centre County, Pennsylvania, serving the State College region.  This system has made a point of making its fleet 100% CNG, with it's last diesel buses being retired the summer of 2009.  Part of the reason that this is a 100% CNG fleet is because the State College region is rich in natural gas.


Active Bus Fleet (Click Here for pictures):


Fleet Number Year Manufacturer Model Length Additional Notes
38-47 1997 New Flyer C35LF 35 feet ex-Orlando LYNX
48-49 1997
New Flyer C35LF 35 feet ex-York Transit
50-65 1996 Orion V 40 feet  last high floor buses, currently being retired
66-77 1998  New Flyer C35LF 35 feet 48, 49, 66-73 have all received overhauls w/ LED signs
78-83  1998 New Flyer C40LF 40 feet  
84-93  2000 New Flyer C40LF 40 feet
94-97  2002 El Dorado E-Z Rider 30 feet  
98-99 1996 New Flyer C40LF 40 feet ex-IndiGo Transit, ex BARTA, obtained in 2009
2-29 2012 New Flyer XN40 40 Feet Among the first XN40s ever produced
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