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Luzerne County Transportation Authority

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The LCTA operates in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, serving the city of Wilkes Barre and surrounding areas.  This system, running Monday through Saturday during the daytime, has 16 routes and contains about 32 buses in its fleet.  These buses include a mix of Gillig Phantoms, Low Floors, and BRT hybrids of the 35 and 30 foot variety.


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Bus Roster (Click for Photo Gallery)


Year Make Model Photo
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Engine Transmission Fleet # ActiveNotes
1997 Gillig
DD50 Allison B400 701-712
1998 Gillig Advantage

  DD50 Allison B400 801-805
2004 Gillig Phantom  
DD50 Allison B400 401-410?


2006 Gillig
Phantom     ISM Allison B400 601-610?    
2009 Gillig
Advantage     ISL Allison B400 901-902    
2009 Gillig BRT hybrid - 35 ft     ISB Allison EP40
903-905   1st hybrids, purchased with ARRA funds
2010 Gillig BRT hybrid - 30 ft     ISB Allison EP40 101-102    
2010 Gillig BRT hybrid - 35 ft     ISB Allison EP40 103-105    
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