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Rabbit Transit

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Buses at York Bus Transfer Center

Rabbit Transit, a division of York Adams Transportation Authority, primarily serves York County, Pennsylvania. It consists of two different types of routes - Rabbit Transit and Rabbit Express.  The Rabbit Transit service, with buses in a red and black scheme, provides local service in York County.  The Rabbit Express service, with buses in a black scheme, provides commuter service to Harrisburg, PA (via rt 83N), Towson, MD (via rt 83S), and the new service from Gettysburg to Harrisburg (via rt 15N).


 Rabbit Bus Roster

Year Make Model Photo
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Engine Transmission Fleet # Active
2002 Gillig Phantom (C20A096N4)
Taken by Brandon S.
30'X96" Cummins ISC Voith 201-207 7
2003 Gillig Phantom (C20A096N4)  
Taken by newflyer8008
30'X96" Cummins ISC Voith 208-210 3
2005 Gillig Phantoms (35102)

35'X102" Cummins ISC Voith 307-312 6

Coach and



(on Ford E450 Chassis)

Rabbit Cutaway
25' Gasoline engine   131-141 11
2006 Gillig Phantoms (30102)

30'X102" Cummins ISC Voith 211-214 4
2006 Glaval Cutaways
Rabbit 403 - Photo taken by Brandon S
30x96 N/A Allison 401-403# 3

40'X102" DD60  Allison  405  1
Rabbit 403 - Photo taken by Brandon S
45'X102"  DD60  Allison 407-410  4
* MCI D4500
Rabbit 403 - Photo taken by Brandon S
45'X102" DD60  Allison  411  1
2007 MCI D4500CT
Rabbit 403 - Photo taken by Brandon S
45'X102" DD60   Allison 412
2007 Gillig BRT  
601 in Gettysburg
40'X102" Cummins ISM Allison 601-* ?
#These were the first Rabbit Express buses, running on the 83N.  These buses have likely been retired, replaced by the MCI Motorcoaches.
*These Gillig BRTs were purchased used from Mountain Metropolitan Transit in Colorado Springs, CO.  They originally were for the FREX (Frontier Express) service, but were sold when the service had financial issues.  Rabbit purchased 9 of these vehicles, but it appears that a few may have been sold again to other agencies like New Castle Transit in New Castle, PA.

Credits: Will Titus; Creighton Rabs; Brandon Shaw; DaShawn Collins
Photos taken by Brandon S. and DaShawn Collins
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