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History of the Neoplans (Part III)

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By the early 1990’s, there were 1092  Neoplan AN435 and AN440 coaches that were in active service. Making SEPTA the largest transportation authority in North America with the fleet mainly manufactured by Neoplan USA. SEPTA also become Neoplan's largest customer worldwide.  These buses dominated the streets of Philadelphia in the 1980's through late 1997 and the early 2000s.  The earlier fleet of AK/BD (8285-8584) were replaced by the 40 foot American Ikaruses (5001-5400) and the rest of the buses were replaced by various New Flyer vehicles. Over the years these units has made there way all around the system.

In 1998, Kpaft operated several Neoplans (3361-3362) to be used on the 202. The route 202 provided service from West Chester to Wilmington, Delaware. Neoplans on this service only lasted for several years.

Neoplan in Wilmington Delaware - Taken by Michael B.

Taken by Michael B.

The Neoplan 40 foot bus era in Philadelphia has ended over 26 years for reliable service, with the last 35 buses running out of Frankford Depot until June of 2008. Over the years, some buses were sent to New Orleans RTA to assist the system after Hurricane Katrina wiped out a large portion of their fleet.  Other buses were sent to Rabbit Transit in York as extra buses, running on the Hospital Parking Lot shuttle.  The last 35 buses were directly replaced by SEPTA's New Flyer E40LFR trackless trolleys.  Unfortunately, none of the Neoplans were saved.

Taken by Jayayess1190

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