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Fleet Oddballs/Demos - Current Oddballs II

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1998 Neoplan AN-460A OQ #7101

7101 is the only Neoplan AN-460 OQ to have a Twin Vision ALL - LED Amber (orange) destination sign. This sign was installed in 2000/2001 to test the new sign. This new sign ended up on all future bus orders starting with the 2001 New Flyers. 7101 is obvious on approach as it looks like you're seeing a New Flyer coming but you notice it doesn't look like one. In August of 2008 7101 and 30 other artics were assigned to Comly depot to run on route 14. 7101 was retrofitted back to a flipdot LED block sign after numourous attempts to make the orange LED block function properly failed.


7101 at FTC

7101 at Frankford Transportation Center on the 14. Photo by Daryl Jackson



2001 Eldorado National Transmark RE-29 #4503

4503 and 4526 were the first Eldorado's to be overhauled. During their overhauls, these buses received Twin Vision ALL-LED Amber (orange) destination signs. There were only two buses that received them during their overhaul. In Mid December 2010 4526 was retired from the Frontier district. 4503 is still in service and sees rare service on the 310 Horsham Breeze shuttle. 4503 is assigned to Germantown.


Picture Taken by buswizard.

4503 displaying "LET'S GO FLYERS". Picture taken by Trainwizard.


1996 ABB ALP-44M #2308

2308 was delivered to SEPTA in 1996 for a damage settlement for late deliveries of the 1993-4 N-5 cars. 2308 is a double ended locomotive that hauls the push and pull passengers cars during rush hour on the regional rail lines. Although 2308 is similiar in apearence to the AEM7's, 2308's side vent on top is tilted upwards and has silver borders on the two windshields in the front.

2308 at Wayne Jct taken By MEP

2308 at Wayne Jct on an AM rush hour run back to Center City Philadelphia. Picture taken by Trainwizard.


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