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Fleet Oddballs/Demos - Past Oddballs

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1996 NABI 416.08TA #5251

In early 2005 5251 was chosen to be a pilot bus for the Luminator Horizon sign, both front and side signs were replaced with this sign, all NABI's were slated to recieve the new orange LED sign, however was turned down since the NABI's were mid-way close to retirement. 5251 was assigned to the Midvale District and was retired in July of 2011.


5251 on route 18

5251 on the 18 on Olney Ave, Image taken by TRANSIT_FREAK


1963 Budd Silverliner II #269
The Silverliner II's were purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in 1963. 269 is the only Silverliner II to retain the "PENNSYLVANIA" letterbords. Not only is the car a oddity on the exterior but also on the interior. This car has brown pleather seats that date back to the PRR days. These seats almost match the the ones that are used in the push and pull passenger cars. 218 is another Silverliner II that has only "LVANIA" exposed on one side. On February 10th 2012 269 was retired at Robert's Yard. All Silverliner IIs' along with Silverliner IIIs' have been scrapped and replaced with Silverliner Vs
Close of "PENNSYLVANIA" letterboards by Bob Vogel.
Picture taken by Bob Vogel.

1989 Neoplan AN-440A 3440-3449

3440-3449 was originally delivered to Southern. In the early 1990s, these buses were sent to Callowhill for 3167-3176. These 10 buses were used on the Route 76 "Ben-Frank-LINE”. They had Kite Decals applied and the designation sign retrofitted (Luminator Super Matrix MAX) like those on NJT Flxible. After the buses were removed from the route 76 in the Mid-1990s, these signs were disabled and covered up with SEPTA logos. All remaining neoplans along with the "Ben-Frank-LINE” buses included were retired from service at Midvale on June 20th, 2008.
3440 at Frankford Transportation Center and 3443 at Olney Transportation Center with the the uncovered Luminator Super Matrix MAX uncovered displaying the number "0". Taken by Dante Angerville, Bikeyorph.
3440 at FTC
3443 at OTC

1987 Neoplan AN-440A EB #3200

Neoplan #3200 was chosen in the late 1990s to be the test bus for the Twin Vision Green Flip Dot sign. This sign was similar to the model used on Cutaways 2056-2069, the ElDorados and the Neoplan Artics. Around 2001, 3200 had its sign changed to the Twin Vision ALL-LED Amber (orange) like the sign on 7101 and the New Flyer fleet. This bus was scrapped in August of 2004, and in the photo, is seen in some of its last service. 

Taken on the Route 124 by Creighton T. Rabs. This was when 3200 was serving the Frontier division of SEPTA. As you can see this bus featured the Flip dot sign, which was later replaced with an Amber destination sign.
3200 on the route 10
Photo taken Brandon Shaw, as seen 3200 was moved to the Callowhill depot in West Philadelphia to operate on the Route 10 shuttle.

1989 Neoplan AN-440A EZ #3414

In 1994, Neoplan #3414 had undergone retrofit of a DD50 engine and Allison transmission. The purpose of this retrofit is to evaluate the performance the powertrain for the future 400 bus order (the American Ikarus / NABI fleet). The powertrain was used and 3414 forever became unique as it sounded like an NABI but in-fact a Neoplan. Because of the larger engine, the back row was moved up resulting in a lost of two seats. When this bus was retired from service, it had less than 250,000 miles on it, most likely due to the powertrain unique to this bus.
3414 backrow

As seen, the bench seat on 3414 is further up due to additional space needed for the larger engine. Photo by Brandon Shaw.

3414 A

3414 at Pier 70. Notice the size rear vent is evident as well. Photo by Brandon Shaw.

1989 Neoplan AN-440A EZ Suburban #3450

3450 is an Oddball given to the distinctive smaller destination sign area. This bus may have been involved in an accident with heavy front end damage and as result needed the sign replaced. So as result, 3450 became a distinctive Neoplan.
3450 A

3450 B

Photos taken by Ryan Lock. As you can see, 3450 was also missing the SEPTA "S.

1985 Volvo B-10 #8590

Volvo B-10 #8590 was the only 40 foot Volvo in-service at SEPTA. Built in 1985 to Rhode Island (RIPTA) Specifications but, was rejected by RIPTA and was sent to Allegheny to run on their routes. This bus has accrued low mileage over the years which and was rarely seen. There were only 50 of these units built in North America; the rest of the 49 went to RIPTA. In March of 2009, 8590 made a come back to Philly at the berridge overhaul shops to recieve a fresh coat of paint and new livery stripe stickers. During Hurricane Irene the Hershey Bus museum sustained heavy flood waters, 8590 recieved heavy flood damage. Unfortnately, given to the extent of the damage, the bus was sold as scrap.
8590 at the 1994 SEPTA Roadeo. Collection of Doug Diehl
8590 at the 1994 SEPTA Bus Roadeo. Collection of Doug Diehl
8590 Spending the after life at the Hershey Bus Museum. Taken by SEPTA3371CSX1 at the 2011 Spring Fling.
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