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Fleet Oddballs/Demos - Past Demos

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1994 New Flyer D40LF Test bus

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Metrotrans Legacy #4501

In 1999, SEPTA tested a 30 ft Metrotrans Legacy for their upcoming purchase of 80 thirty foot buses.  In the middle of 1999, Metrotrans went out of business. Forcing SEPTA to go to El Dorado National for the order of 30 foot buses.  The specifications for the El Dorado's are similar to the Metrotrans coaches, but the seating arrangements differ. The 4501 pilot saw service on the 107 as well as a few other routes with lower ridership out of the Victory district.
This 4501 demo featured a Cummins ISB engine/Allison World 5 speed transmission just like the Eldorado's.

At the 1998 Event

4501 @ the SEPTA bus Roadeo in 1999.



Metrotrans on the 107
Taken by Creighton T Rabs at 69th Street Terminal - West

The Dashboard shown here is extremely similar to the dashboard on the Eldorado's.
Taken by Creighton T Rabs at 69th Street Terminal - West

Metrotrans Driver's View


Motor Coach Industries D4500

In 2002, SEPTA tested out two Motor Coach Industrial (MCI) D4500 demo to be served on several Victory routes. Thee coaches were tested on routes 104, 123, 124, and route 125. SEPTA never executed the order for these coaches. There were two demos that SEPTA had tested, the first one (6000) was specified to NYC MTA specifications which has the green Twinvision sign whereas the  other one was spec to New Jersey Transit specifications (6001) with a Twinvision ALL-LED sign designation sign. Still to this day 6001 and 6002 still remain as the most prominent demonstrator bus to ever be operated by SEPTA. The transit museum store and other bus memorabilia websites offer a plastic bus bank 1:50 scale model of the SEPTA MCI in the exact same livery scheme as a D4000 model.



MCI 6001 Demo #1
Taken by Bill Monaghan at
Victory Depot




Interior photo taken by Zack Willhoite.
("Source: ")


2004 Orion VII

In Spring 2005, SEPTA tested a New York Transit Orion VII #3999 (Actual number #6365)  exclusively on the route 37, as well as the route 17. The Orion VII is the newest product of Orion Bus Industries, featuring a BAE hybridrive system with a Cummins ISB engine. Unlike the New Flyer DE40LFs, these units feature a smaller engine to provide additional fuel savings.

3999 at Broad St


3999 at Southern - Roof top - Battery

All Photos Taken by Brandon S



 New Flyer BRT Hybrid

In 2006, SEPTA tested a New Flyer BRT Hybrid demo.  This bus features a ISE hybrid system, which is different from the Allison Hybridrive the current New Flyer DE40LFs have.  During the short duration of time which the hybrid was in this area. It received performance based testing throughout Northeast Philadelphia, as well as Suburban Philadelphia.

 New Flyer Demo at Frankford terminal

2006 New Flyer DE40LF BRT Demo by Frankford Transportation Center
Taken by Adam Moreira


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