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SEPTA's Commuter Rail Fleet

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The Regional Rail System operates throughout Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania, New Castle County in Delaware (Wilmington/Newark Line), and also Mercer County in New Jersey (West Trenton and Trenton Lines).  The fleet consists of nine (9) different models of rail equipment that are in revenue service.

The Silverliner IV fleet is the current backbone of the SEPTA regional rail fleet.  Due to their age and dynamic braking system, these units are the primary trains that SEPTA uses on their rail routes during the weekends.

The push pull fleet is used on both Limited and express runs on the West Trenton, Elwyn, Paoli/Thorndale, Wilmington/Newark, DE and the Trenton lines to their full efficiency; These trains usually consists of 5-7 Comet I/II/III cars.  The Comet I fleet was recently obtained from NJT and operates the Pennypack Limited or Neshaminy Limited on the West Trenton Line in the morning and evening.  The AEM-7 fleet was built in 1987, whereas the single ALP-44 unit was built in 1996.  For more information on their assignments .



Rotem Silverliner V




  • #701-738  double ended and 801-882 sngle ended cars has arrived on SEPTA property - order is completed!! as of March 21st 2013. 

Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
2010-2011 Rotem Silverliner V Double End #701-738
2010-2011 Rotem Silverliner V Single End #801-882


General Electric Silverliner IV (GE MA-1H)

  • There are a total of 47 Double End and 184 Single End cars in service

  • Single end cars operate in married pairs.

  • All of the 9018-9031 cars and some of the 270-303 cars have been renumbered into the 400-416 fleet when their PCB transformers were replaced

  • Some of the 101-188 and 309-399 cars were renumbered into the 417-460 series when there PCB transformers were replaced.

  • Car 9020 was destroyed in an Accident


Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
1974-76 General Electric Silverliner IV Double End #270-303, #400-416
1974-76 General Electric Silverliner IV Single End 101-188, 304-399, 417-460



 Push Pull- Locomotive hauled Push-Pull Fleet


Push Pull # 2301 lead
Taken at Temple station
By Brandon Shaw

Push-Pull Notes

  • ALP-44 #2308 given to SEPTA by ABB for a damage settlement for late delivery of the Norristown-N5 cars.
  • Comet III cars are built to Metro North Specifications
  • Comet I cars were purchased by SEPTA from NJT in 2008.
  •    Cars 2401, 2503, 2506, 2508, 2509, and 2512 were victims of the Assunpink Creek flood at Trenton Station during Hurricane Irene last August. They will be completely overhauled before returning to service.




Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
1970 Pullman Standard Comet I Cab 2460-2461
1970 Pullman Standard Comet I Coaches 2590-2595
1987 ASEA ASEA AEM-7 2301-2307
1996 ABB ALP-44 Locomotive 2308
1987 Bombardier Comet II Cab Coaches 2401-2410
1987 Bombardier Comet II Coaches 2501-2525
2000 Bombardier Comet III "Shoreliner" Coaches 2550-2559


#These cars were purchased from NJT in 2008.

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